Homeward Bound

This afternoon we were able to bring Juliette home. So far she is doing great. She had great nurses and care at the hospital, but it sure feels nice to have everyone in one place.

Audree was so excited to have her sister home!


Not long now

Juliette is nearly ready to come home. At 5lbs she is almost back up to her birth weight. In the early morning she pulled out her own feeding tube. If things go well today she may be heading home tomorrow. Here is a quick video of her resting on the bed.


A Little Extra Help

Have you ever laughed so hard that drink came out of your nose? Well it's not quite so funny when it's going in your nose!

Like a lot of preemies, Juliette started to get tired by day 3. The nurses put a tube into her tummy to help her get the food she needs to grow and go home. Hopefully it will only be in for a couple of days.


Happy Zero-eth Birthday!

In celebration of Juliette's B-day Grandma & Grandpa baked a cake which Audree helped decorate. They worked really hard on it and Audree was so excited to eat the decorations.

After making sure her cousins and self had pieces with flowers on them they enjoyed the beautiful creation.

Audree said the flower decorations tasted great after gobbling her's down... Mommy said they tasted like wax.

The leftovers were shared with the nurses on the night shift; which, apparently, was a big hit.


New Addition!

We were thrilled to welcome Juliette to the family on Friday. Her arrival was early but otherwise uneventful.

Weight 5lbs 2oz
Length 18 1/4"


At the Circus

Audree and Dad went to the Circus (one of her favorite places to go). We had a great time and saw a number of exciting things including an elephant that painted a picture using it's trunk. We are still not quite sure what the painting is of, but that's beside the point.