Wanted to share the girls costumes this year! Sorry lots of photos not much text :)


Pumpkin Carving

Audree's grade had a pumpkin carving night at school. We brought in our freshly picked pumpkins and went to work.

Here are the results!

Juliette's, Audree's, Dad's (Juliette's is doubling as Mom's since she did all the work)

In their natural environments

After the carving we were treated to some excellent Halloween themed songs


Audree sent to the principal

At Audree's school good behavior is rewarded with "caught-you-shining" tickets.

If you collect enough you can redeem them for various prizes.

Audree turned in 40 tickets for the chance to cut her principals tie off and wear it the rest of the day.


Pumpkin Patch

The girls went to two different pumpkin patches this year. First the Powell Pumpkin Patch with Audree's Brownie troop, then the Gardner Pumpkin Patch as a family.

Here is our haul


Skipping rocks

We've been taking the girls to a nature center near by. They love skipping rocks in the creek and catching frogs.


Carb up

Juliette finally found her apatite. Here she is training.


I dressed myself!

not sure exactly what is going on there...


Horse Lessons

Audree has been doing so well at horse lessons.
First she rode Abowe, then Gidgit and Ricky here she is on Buggsy.

She loves doing this so much!


Noah's Ark... back to the drawing board


Juliette's Birthday

Juliette had a fantastic 3rd birthday. It was apple themed but all she remembers is having a great time!

After the party we took her to ride a horse for the first time (you have to be 3yrs old)


St Louis

We took a weekend trip to St. Louis with some good friends. Everyone had a blast!

The City Museum is indescribable... If you get the chance to go we highly recommend it.

Juliette on an airplane wing

See the school bus hanging off the top of the building?

Regina must have driving it a bit too far!