Princesses and Pirates

The girls are sporting new beds.

Juliette has the fastest bed on the water:

While Audree went for something a bit more... Audree.


You can make Bronies out of Daisies

Audree's been in Daisy Scouts but now that she's going into 2nd grade they transition to Brownies.


Penguin Park

Penguin Park is a place I used to go when I was little. Why they decided to make a park based on a giant penguin, kangaroo, and elephant I'll never know.

Just like I remembered it...

Wait! What is this?!!
Boy has this place changed since I was last here.


Growing up

They are getting bigger each day! 'Nuff said


Garage Sale 2010

We were planning for successful garage sale this year, but were met with a downpour of rain all day.

Even if the weather kept most of the customers away the girls still had a great time with their cinnamon roll and OJ stand.

Which lasted for a while until boredom set in

Never the less the day ended up being a success. We got rid of all the big items either through the sale or the multiple craigslist listings that followed.


3 wheelin' it

Juliette loves to go on 3 wheeled adventures.


Omaha Weekend

Audree's Daisy Scout troop worked hard and and had the opportunity to spend the night at the Omaha zoo.

She had a blast!

And so did lots of other girls!

The rest of the family stayed at a bed and breakfast just outside of Omaha. The same weekend happened to be the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting, and boy can Warren Buffett draw a crowd. There wasn't a single room available anywhere in Omaha :)

After the overnight, we all spend the day at the zoo.

We went to the butterfly house

The aquarium

Juliette Audree and Dad did the Skyfari, a ski-lift-like ride over the zoo