Last nights cold wet rain turned into a bit of snow that actually stuck. It wasn't much, but enough to excite Audree to go out and play.

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Audree and Juliette at PBK

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Setting up the Christmas tree



After Bass Pro we made our way to the movies and saw "Bolt". The whole family had a good time. Even Juliette was interested in seeing the dogs and cats, and broke out into dance during one of the songs.

Finally we made our way to Grandma & Grandpa's home for a great Thanksgiving dinner, a few games and conversations.

Great day, and still looking forward to a long weekend still to come.

Audree's crossbow... from the hip

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Audree, crossbow in-hand

Followed by Audree taking a few shots with a suction cup crossbow at targets that had been setup for the kids

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Coloring Pictures

Then some pictures were colored

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Juliette in Santa's Wonderland 4

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Juliette in Santa's Wonderland 3

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Juliette in Santa's Wonderland 2

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Juliette in Santa's Wonderland

Juliette was more into the displays and fake snow

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Audree with Santa

This Thanksgiving we took the girls out in the morning. Almost everything was closed except for Bass Pro Shops. (for being some of the few people working, the employees seemed upbeat). Santa was there... Audree paid a visit, but Juliette kept her distance.

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Juliette's Halloween Costume - girl on the go

Not the best of photos, but she was refusing to stay in one spot for even the briefest of moments.

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Audree's Halloween Costume

Thanks to Staci for sending great costumes for the girls this year. They looked great, and the weather couldn't have been nicer.

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The finished results!

Here's our pumkin for the year

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not bad!

Audree's new interest

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On a short walk the other day we spotted a bird in a low nest. She let us get really close (Audree even gave her tail a quick pet which might have been a bit more than was appreciated). Later we stopped back by and momma bird was gone revealing 4 tiny baby birds in the nest.

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Hello Molly!

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Audree helped Grandma pick up a new puppy this week. They became good friends on the car ride back. With her brown shirt on Audree and Molly almost match too!

Last day school

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Today is Audree's last day of preschool. Well, not exactly, she'll be going back in a couple weeks for the summer session, but they had an end of year program for the parents.

She sang some great songs and we had lots of fun. About half way through "Here we go loopty loo" she lost her shoe, but made a quick recovery!

Juliette is crawling!

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Juliette started crawling this month, though one leg is more reluctant to corporate than the other.



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The girls were matching and cute as possible for Easter!


Happy Birthday Audree

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Audree had a great birthday at Wonderscope Children's Museum. She was able to have most of her cousins and friends from preschool there. It was our first time seeing what the place was all about. Lots of fun hands-on activities for the kids.


Juliette Rolls Over!

It's been a while since the last post but I just couldn't resist putting this up.

Juliette rolled over on her own for the first time today!