Pumpkin Patch

The girls went to two different pumpkin patches this year. First the Powell Pumpkin Patch with Audree's Brownie troop, then the Gardner Pumpkin Patch as a family.

Here is our haul


The Clarks said...

I totally do not understand what everyone is jumping on. It looks like a giant ball you could just fly off of at any second, especially on a double-bounce situation. I need a wider angle view. Fun pumpkin patch...is this where you found your uber-warty pumpkin? Love it. --kc

Justin said...

That thing is called a jumping pillow. Looks really fun, but the kids said it wasn't all that bouncy. And the rules said "no double-bounce" right on them :)

They had lots of pumpkins, but the warty one came from a different place. Powell Pumpkin Patch