Pinewood Derby

Audree's Dasie Scout troop from school participated in a Pinewood Derby this weekend. She was torn between the ice cream sandwich design...

and the Oscar Mayer hotdog car...

but ultimately settled on Mario Kart. By no means an original design; we got some inspiration online from this video:

(check out photo #92 of 126)

Here she is putting on the pièce de résistance

The finished car

3rd Place, 3rd Place, 3rd Place, 3rd Place, 3rd Place - she's nothing if not consistent





Mind you there was a trailing 4th car in each race, it just didn't make it into the photos.

Needless to say out of the 30 some cars she was up against we didn't walk away with the best time, but even amongst some stiff competition...

she pulled off the coveted "Best in Show"!

All and all, a pretty good day!


Matt Callow said...

Not sure if you'll ever see this. I came to your blog after searching for Mario Cart Pinewood Derby cars. I just wondered where you came across the sitting Mario figure with the steering wheel. I can't find one anywhere.

Justin said...


I agree! I couldn't find a Mario figure in the correct pose anywhere. We ended up purchasing a standing Mario with his hands down at his sides. I cut him off at the waist and drilled a small hole to put him on a nail coming out of the cockpit area of the car. Cut about half way through each arm (starting in his armpits) to allow me flex and bend the arms up into a steering pose. I had to use some string to tie the arms together to keep them there. And finally drilled 1/16" inch holes in each of his hands to inserted a black twist tie cut to length and arched in a half-circle into the holes to be the steering wheel.

I purchased mine from Toys R Us or Target if I remember correctly, the package looked like this.